Our Story

Transitioning from the academic desk to becoming business facilitators

Our central team came together during our university years, where we discovered a significant alignment in our personal values and business acumen. This led to the establishment of a strong problem-solving hub, aimed at empowering others to excel in their respective business domains.

We are driven by values

Our mission is to meet our clients’ needs by delivering outstanding service in a cost-effective manner, while also contributing to a more sustainable future through the digitalization of their services.

Super Efficient

No-Code empowers us to complete intricate projects within 4-6 weeks, allowing you to stay concentrated on your daily operations and business growth.

Deeply Committed

Prioritizing communication is essential for us to keep customers informed, understand their needs, and provide value in our interactions.

Highly Skilled

Our backgrounds in Marketing, Law, and Engineering grant us a profound comprehension of various business domains, enabling us to deliver maximum value.

Martynas Tirlikas


Arnas Jackūnas


Julija Janonytė

Project Manager